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Love dogs? Daydream about working outside? Have a soft spot in your heart for drool and picking up poo?? Then read on!

We are a small but growing vegan-owned dog walking company. This means we operate with the philosophy that each dog is a unique individual with their own personhood and set of desires and needs. In short, we put the dogs first. We are currently looking for a reliable, motivated, and compassionate individual to walk dogs and provide occasional overnight dog care in clients’ homes.

What we are looking for in our walkers:

*Must be able to walk for at least 6 hours at a time and physically capable to handle dogs of all sizes

*Must be able and willing to withstand ALL WEATHER CLIMATES (yes dogs still need to be walked when it’s pouring rain or snowing)

*Must own a working cell phone with ability to send and receive texts and take photos - you will be sending client updates via your cell

*Must be an EXCEPTIONAL TIME MANAGER - the pups are waiting behind closed doors to be relieved and they’re relying on you to rescue them from their boredom (and let them tinkle)!

*Must possess a desire and willingness to learn about different dog breeds as well as how to do basic leash training and commands (training will be provided but it’s up to you to practice and hone these skills)

*Must be courteous and have stellar communication skills - you will be required to communicate to your supervisor throughout the day and with clients through updates.

*Be PROFESSIONAL - You will also be interacting with building concierge and tenants. How you conduct yourself reflects on the company.

*Must not be afraid to get dirty - this job can be messy and requires you to roll with the punches

*Must live in New York City and have a reliable means of transportation (subway, bus, bike, pogo stick…)

*POSITIVE ATTITUDE! This is very serious work but we like to have fun and so do the dogs - whining will not be well-received

As a small company, we work very closely with our staff. We are looking for someone who will be as excited about the growth as we are and dedicated to doing this rewarding work with us.

We are looking for long term inquiries only and you will be asked to commit to at least 6 months (although longer is preferred). If YOU CAN NOT work a minimum of Monday - Friday from 11am-5pm and OCCASIONAL weekends, holidays, mornings, evenings, and overnights then we will not be able to consider you. If you need a flexible schedule this is not a good fit. Hours will vary slightly depending on schedules and animals that need attending too. This will be further explained during the interview.

All of our walks are serviced in the Financial District of Manhattan

If you're interested in applying, please tell us a little bit more about yourself. What is your experience with dogs/animals (professional or otherwise)? What are your hobbies and interests? Why do you see yourself walking dogs? Heck, include your favorite ice cream flavor! We want to get a feel for not just what you’ve done but who you are.

Generic responses with just a resume attached will be deleted.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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