Meet the Pack


Annie Hudson


Annie Hudson grew up in the rural town of Bastrop, Texas. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Dance and Theater from Texas State University. After college, she successfully pursued her love of dance and choreography alongside making a career as a Licensed Massage Therapist after attending the Texas Healing Arts Institute in Austin, TX.

Annie always considered herself an animal lover. After she rescued her family dog, Aeva, she grew an interest in working with, and providing care for, these fun-loving beings. Aeva was unlike any other dog Annie had met. Due to her tragic past, Aeva presented with behavioral issues that the two had to work through together. It took figuring out how to effectively communicate with Aeva to lead the path of a peaceful and balanced life for everyone involved. On that journey, Annie was also awakened to the dire situation of the overpopulation of dogs and cats. She became a volunteer for the Austin Humane Society where she helped care for dogs awaiting their forever home. As her passion for dance and massage faded, and her desire to work with animals grew, she decided to pack up two suitcases and follow her heart to NYC in 2009. Annie has since worked for, and managed, doggy daycares and dog walking companies around Manhattan before establishing Hudson's Hounds NYC in 2013.

These days, she enjoys spending time with her rescued kitty, Mo, and volunteering as a vegan educator, mentor, and animal rights advocate.

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Dog Walker

Louis was born in Long Island and moved to Brooklyn in 2011. Being an animal lover and long time vegan his dream job has always been working with animals. He’s been ecstatic to be a part of the Hudson's Hounds NYC team for several years.

When he’s not hanging out with his pupper friends Louis plays drums for two local punk bands; Ellen And The Degenerates and Answering Machine.



Dog Walker

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Dog Traner

Peter is an animal rights advocate with a serious interest in improving the quality of life for FiDi’s canine residents. He makes dog behavior accessible by explaining it through the lens of the human experience. He understands that training should be tailored to the individual and makes getting to know your companion a priority! 

His love for parsing animal behavior was nourished at Brown University, from which he earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. He worked as a research and teaching assistant under professor of animal behavior Dr. Ruth Colwill, serving as a resource for students and other lab members. This experience, along with his coursework in ethology and comparative psychology, reinforced his comprehension of the evolution and content of the behavioral literature. 

As co-founder of Brown Animal-Assisted Therapy, he was responsible for bringing dog-human therapy teams to campus and managed both the logistical and behavioral aspects of the program. He is fascinated by the human-animal bond and loves to see how much joy and comfort companion animals bring us! 

The bulk of Peter’s hands-on experience comes from shelter settings, meaning he is especially confident with anxious, reactive, and undersocialized dogs. He encounters and addresses a variety of behaviors, all while keeping the dog’s well-being his priority. He has also worked as an adoption counselor right here in Manhattan, and is proud to have educated many loving new dog parents! Peter is always up to date on the dynamic field of canine cognition and employs training methods based on the most recent scientific findings.  

Peter is a proud vegan and lives in Manhattan with his adopted pals Squid the greyhound and Phoebe the cat. In his free time, he enjoys comedy, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and falling asleep mid-movie. 


Dog Walker

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