"Annie has been walking our dog, Wellington, for about two years now and it is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Every day when we go off to work, we have complete peace of mind that, rain or shine, Wellington is going to have a fun adventure with his pack of friends (humans and dogs alike). Annie is a genuine animal lover -- the time and attention she has given him over the years could not be more appreciated. Furthermore, she is delightful to work with and is always flexible and accommodating with our frequently changing schedules. We give Hudson's Hounds our absolute highest recommendation!" - Mark and Christina

"Annie has played an invaluable role in the happiness, health, and security of my dog and her BIGGEST FAN, Duncan! Having diabetes, Duncan has very specific needs and Annie's reliability has been paramount in providing peace of mind when I travel for work or pleasure - I always know Duncan couldn't be in better hands! Annie has made the single greatest impact in bettering Duncan's happy life - as well as mine!" - Curtis

"Annie and her crew (Josh and Carter) are amazing. They genuinely care for Lucy. We are overprotective parents and they patiently answer and handle any requests. They are so tuned into Lucy's needs/traits and you can always trust them to make the right decisions when walking or dog sitting. They are THE doggie think tank and we often rely on them to guide us. For example, for years, we used a leash that would often make Lucy pull and tug. Annie recommended the ideal harness and walking Lucy has now become so easy. We get updates after each walk and multiple daily updates when they dog sit. They are always available to answer any questions. When we are away, they take such good care of Lucy. We trust them completely with Lucy and our home and would not have any other walker take care of our baby. When you come back from a long vacay, your dog will be happy and your home will be maintained. Lucy Loves them and so do we!!" - Shantanu and Archana

"Macie is my rescued, 3 1/2 yr old, black lab mix, "first born". She means the world to me. Annie came into Macie's life while she was a puppy. First as her Dog Sitter, and in 2013 also became her Walker. I often tell people "Macie's life is infinitely better because Annie is in it". That statement is very true. Annie's ability to communicate with her pack is uncanny. It's really quite amazing to watch the dogs respond. The quality of care Macie receives from the Hudson's Hounds team is unparalleled. The dogs' needs come first period. As animal advocates, Macie couldn't be in better hands. It puts my mind at ease daily, knowing Macie is safe and happy trotting down the street with her pack. If you are a Dog Parent, you would be lucky to have your dog join the pack. Hudson's Hounds is not about rushing your dog in and out, but rather about giving quality compassionate care. Macie couldn't be happier or in better hands, and that makes my life "infinitely better"." - Sabrina